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Mini FAQ

We've received some questions about the game. Here are some answers that you may find helpful.


There are some key points:

1) All waves grow always at the same rate. A player can't change the speed or stop them.

2) When the first wave hits the border of the field, the waves stop and the level ends.

3) A player gets points based on the area he was able to fill before the level ended.

4) A player has to reach certain percentage of the area at each level. If he fails, a player gets a "warning". After three warnings the game is over.

5) These requirements increase little by little, so a player has to improve to reach higher levels. At the beginning requirements change at every level and later less often.

6) A player can make as many waves as he likes. Try to get all waves to the borders at the same time.

7) Don't quit in the middle of the level. Fight until the first wave hits the border.


There were two users who weren't able to hear any sound from the game. The first player solved the problem by himself. Probably the second one had similar challenges. The problem was about the change of use of the side switch of the iPad.

If the use was changed to "Rotation Lock" while the iPad was muted, you can't get rid of the mute. Some programs don't use this mute (like youtube), so the game can be muted while some other programs are just fine.

This can be fixed by:
1) going back to Settings of the iPad
2) changing the use of the side switch back to mute
3) removing mute
4) now changing the purpose back to rotation lock

Here is some information from Apple: